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Socially Responsible Investing News

Obama to Propose New Fee on Oil
Citing the opportunities in addressing climate change, the President's budget proposal will include a $10 per barrel fee on oil that will be used to build a sustainable national transportation infrastructure. - (02/05/16)
Exxon Opts for Business as Usual on Climate Change
The oil and gas giant challenges a shareowner resolution from Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility members, requesting that it commit to global temperature increase limits. - (02/03/16)
After a Successful Proxy Season, Walden Asset Management Sets Sights on 2016
The sustainable investment firm reports on its shareowner action during the 2015 proxy season, and begins 2016 with resolutions addressing corporate climate change lobbying and emissions reporting. - (01/27/16)
Community Capital Management a Top Fund Performer in 2015
The fund tracker Morningstar ranks the performance of the firm's fixed income investment product among the top one percent of 309 funds in the intermediate government category. - (01/23/16)
Ceres Launches Online Database of Corporate SEC Filings on Climate Change
The organization collaborates with CookESG Research to provide an online tool for searching corporate filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission on carbon asset risks and other sustainability factors. Third in a three-part series. - (01/22/16)
In Wake of COP21, Shareowners Challenge Corporate Lobbying on Climate
A shareowner initiative coordinated by Walden Asset Management requests that fossil fuel companies disclose lobbying activities and review public policy advocacy on energy policy and climate change. Second in a three-part series. - (01/16/16)
Sustainable Investors Respond to Climate Pact
With COP21 Climate Conference in Paris ending with agreement intended to keep global temperature increase below two degrees Celsius, investors envision portfolios focused on renewable energy. First in a three-part series. - (01/15/16)
Resolution on Climate Change Will Be on Franklin Templeton's Proxy Ballot
A proposal submitted by Zevin Asset Management, requesting that the mutual fund company “assess any incongruities” in its proxy voting practices relating to climate change, is allowed onto proxy ballot by the SEC. - (12/10/15)
Companies Profiting from Mass Incarceration Mapped for Investors
The American Friends Service Committee publishes research on for-profit prison companies and recommends that investors divest their holdings in five. - (11/25/15)
Scientists Join Call for Exxon Investigation
In the wake of reports detailing the oil giant's duplicity on climate change, the Union of Concerned Scientists join legislators and others in urging a Department of Justice investigation. - (11/19/15)
NGOs Urge Green Climate Fund to Deny Accreditation to Scandal-Plagued Banks
HSBC and Crédit Agricole finance environmentally destructive projects and rank at the bottom of major banks in implementing the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. Second in a two-part series. - (11/14/15)
First Investments Approved by Green Climate Fund
Eight climate change mitigation or adaptation projects—three in Africa, three in Asia-Pacific, and two in Latin America—mark the end of the Green Climate Fund's two-year launch period and the beginning of providing financing to developing nations. First in a two-part series. - (11/13/15)


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