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Socially Responsible Investing News

Laudato Si Makes Waves Throughout Society
Sustainable investors and climate deniers alike weigh in with responses and reactions to Pope Francis's landmark encyclical on climate change. Second in a two-part series. - (06/27/15)
Pope Francis Delivers Encyclical on Climate Change
The Pope makes explicit the connection between climate action, poverty, and morality, and calls for a radical shift away from current failures and toward an “ecological conversion” instead. First in a two-part series. - (06/20/15)
And Now for Something Completely Different
The Heartland Institute hosts its annual conference on climate change, at which such scientific luminaries as climate denying Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma are honored. - (06/16/15)
Morgan Stanley Issues $500 Million Green Bond
The investment bank intends to fund a number of wind energy projects in the US. - (06/15/15)
Two Years After Tragedy, Fund for Rana Plaza Victims Meets Goal
Pressure from members of the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility helps further corporate responsibility in the remediation of human rights violations. - (06/13/15)
Shareowners Target Amazon on Human Rights and Climate
Sustainable shareowners submitted four resolutions addressing environmental, social, and corporate governance issues at this week's annual general meeting, as pressure grows for the company to improve its sustainability performance. - (06/12/15)
Community Capital Management Expands Green Bond Offerings
The fixed income investment adviser offers opportunities for sustainable investors to meet their community investment mission. - (06/08/15)
Verite to Assess Trafficking Risks in Sub-Saharan Africa
With economies improving and ample natural resources, the region is at heightened risk for human trafficking violations. - (06/01/15)
Report Assesses Corporate Conflict Minerals Disclosures
The Responsible Sourcing Network analyzes the quality of more that 1,000 conflict minerals disclosures by large cap corporations, and find that many fulfilled only minimal requirements. - (05/30/15)
Resolutions Request Emissions Reduction Goals by Exxon and Chevron
A process for shareowners to declare their intention to vote in favor of emissions reduction resolutions at the annual meetings of the oil and gas giants does not appear to have led to substantial votes in favor, but signal that investors who choose engagement as a strategy will remain aggressive. - (05/29/15)
Rewriting the Rules of the American Economy
Nobel Economist Joseph Stiglitz and Senator Elizabeth Warren speak at the Roosevelt Institute about the pressing need to rewrite the rules governing the economy in order to lessen inequality. Second of a two-part series. - (05/21/15)
Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz Takes on Income Inequality
“It would be easier, politically, to push for one or two policies on which we have consensus, but that approach would be insufficient to match the severity of the problems posed by rising inequality,” his new report states. First of a two-part series. - (05/16/15)


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