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Socially Responsible Investing News

Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz Takes on Income Inequality
“It would be easier, politically, to push for one or two policies on which we have consensus, but that approach would be insufficient to match the severity of the problems posed by rising inequality,” his new report states. First of a two-part series. - (05/16/15)
At Yale, John Fullerton Presents on Regenerative Capitalism
Speaking to the generation that will have to reverse the course of multiple crises, the founder of the Capital Institute envisions a holistic organization of social systems to replace the current reductionist and competitive approach. Third of a three-part series. - (05/15/15)
Regenerative Capitalism Seeks Radical Overhaul of Financial System
John Fullerton, the founder of the Capital Institute, writes that the transition of an “antisocial” global financial system to one aligned with our understanding that “living systems are both sustainable and regenerative” is underway. But is the evolution decisive enough to solve the crises of our age? Second of a three-part series. - (05/07/15)
Is Regenerative Capitalism a Spiritual Quest?
John Fullerton of the Capital Institute authors an admirable paper on what he calls Regenerative Capitalism, but how do we get from the here of exploitation to there? First of a three-part series. - (05/05/15)
Carbon Tracker Offers Roadmap for Energy Transition
Asserting that many executives in the oil and gas industry assume a business as usual approach in their planning, the NGO warns that unconventional exploration and price volatility will have negative impacts for investors. - (05/01/15)
Two Years after Rana Plaza Tragedy, Investors Still Seek Corporate Assurances
A coalition of institutional investors asserts that the systemic changes needed to safeguard garment workers in Bangladesh remain insufficiently financed, even by signatories to the Fire and Safety Accord. - (04/28/15)
Forest Conservation Strategy Wins Morgan Stanley Sustainable Investing Challenge
Four students from the Haas School of Business are awarded the $10 thousand grand prize for developing an institutional investment vehicle that will help alleviate drought and reduce forest fire risk. - (04/21/15)
$120 Million Green Bond from Nordic Investment Bank
The fixed income issuance, driven by investors incorporating environmental, social, and corporate governance factors, will finance loans to environmental projects in Scandinavia. - (04/20/15)
Investors Call on SEC to Require Effective Climate Risk Disclosure
In a letter to SEC Chair Mary Jo White, a coalition of investors organized by Ceres offers specific criticisms of disclosures by major oil and gas companies, and argues that climate risk is changing the economics of the industry. - (04/18/15)
Harvard Students Mount Blockade in Campaign for Divestment
The Divest Harvard demonstrators block access to administrative offices during Harvard Heat Week as analyses of the university's investments find significant levels of greenhouse gas emissions. - (04/17/15)
Electronics Trade Association Prohibits Payments to Labor Brokers
The amendment to the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition's Code of Conduct follows engagement on the issue of payments to labor brokers by members of the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility. - (04/10/15)
Market for Conservation Investments Expected to Grow Dramatically
A first ever report on the practice of conservation investing, co-authored by The Nature Conservancy, anticipates that private investment will triple by 2018, from $2 billion to nearly $6 billion. - (04/03/15)


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