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Socially Responsible Investing News

Corporate Recycling Loans or Extended Producer Responsibility?
A consortium of major corporations led by Walmart launch the Closed Loop Fund to help fund municipal recycling projects, but critics say EPR will accomplish more. - (08/20/14)
Distributed Energy Resources Require a New Regulatory Framework
The New England Clean Energy Council calls for modernization of the region's grid to encourage renewables and distributed energy resources. - (08/18/14)
ConAgra Joins Movement to Eliminate Deforestation
Green Century Capital Management and the New York State Common Retirement Fund withdraw a shareowner resolution after the packaged food giant agrees to eliminate palm oil suppliers engaged in deforestation from its supply chain. - (08/16/14)
Wisconsin CDFI Wins 2014 NEXT Seed Capital Award
Impact Seven, a nonprofit community development financial institution, wins the unrestricted $100,000 grant for its program for preserving affordable housing in multifamily rental units in rural Wisconsin. - (08/14/14)
New Jersey Creates Energy Resilience Bank
The state-run bank will use disaster relief funds issued following Superstorm Sandy to help finance energy resilience by increasing the number of distributed energy resources. - (08/13/14)
Online Petition Urges Pope to End Mandate Against US Nuns
Despite the compassionate message of Pope Francis publicized widely by the Vatican, the effort to put Women Religious in their proper place in a patriarchal hierarchy persists. - (08/11/14)
Investors Pressure Ralph Lauren on Human Rights
Members of the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility attend annual shareowner meeting of Ralph Lauren to support a resolution filed by the AFL-CIO requesting that the company conduct a human rights risk assessment. - (08/09/14)
Corporate Reporting and Materiality
A report by the Governance & Accountability Institute assesses the materiality of key indicators in reporting to the Global Reporting Initiative by more than 1,000 corporations in 2012. - (08/08/14)
Investors Call on Banks to Consider Climate Risks
Boston Common Asset Management publishes a report on climate risks in the banking sector and invites investors to sign on to letter to be sent to major banks. - (08/07/14)
Student Cellist Bases Composition on Climate Data
It's as inevitable as the effects of climate change that artists will engage more deeply with the subject, and a recent chamber music festival in Ottawa, Canada featured five compositions addressing it. - (08/05/14)
Indigenous Rights Help Prevent Deforestation
A report by the World Resources Institute and the Rights and Resources Initiative concludes that autonomous decision-making by native peoples results in improved community benefits and greater carbon storage. - (08/04/14)
Subsidies for Oil and Gas Companies Increase under Obama
A report by Oil Change International estimates that fossil fuel exploration and production subsidies have increased by 45% since President Obama took office in 2009, as his repeated efforts to lower them have been stymied in Congress. - (08/02/14)


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